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Merry Christmas everyone!

I mostly just got money this year. I'm apparently difficult to shop for. My mom, however, bought me a reaaally old Pride & Prejudice. It's beautiful. I still have to do a bit of research on it but I believe it's from 1904, either first or second edition. I'm so frightened to even pick it up, it's so amazing. Might take some pics of it later. ;o

Christmas wasn't that bad this year. I did have to go to dad's so yeah. :l

On Friday I spoke to my English teacher from last year... I asked her how she made the choice to teach English. She told me that she was pre-med but realized in college that she was enjoying her English classes more than the science ones, got an internship teaching ESL, and it just all came together from there. She encouraged me to look for internships when I do get into college, see if I can do something along the same lines.

It was certainly a nice story, and... kind of inspiring, in a way? I'm torn with the whole computer thing, since I know it's a very lucrative business and that there will always be a demand for it, similar to how medicine is. But... I dunno. it just seems right. feels right.

it is a truth universally acknowledged...

So I think I have maybe made Life Decisions.

I want to teach. It's always what I've wanted to do, and it's just become so increasingly apparent to me that it is what I'm meant for. The time I spend sitting in my computer classes has lately been occupied by can I see myself doing this from now until forever and the answer is just no. It's fun and all, I enjoy it, I'm glad I've done it. I'd certainly like to keep up with the computer world... but not as my career. It's tempting and all, but I just feel so sure that this is right.

In other news, I have totally plunged into Jane Austen because I love her and she is terrific. In the past two or three months I've gotten through Emma, Love and Freindship, and Northhanger Abbey. Persuasion is next on my list.
I watched the 2005 Pride & Prejudice as well, and actually enjoyed it, despite people being all "wah this is terrible where is colin firth." It certainly wasn't without fault, and from what I can tell so far, the BBC mini-series is certainly much truer to the book. But the soundtrack was terrific, Bingley & Jane (actor-wise) were spot on, and... that letter scene. My god, that letter scene.
The absolute end scene was horrifying though.

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